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July 23, 2013 Games

The games tonight are at Ben Lee.  Please be there by 6:00.


Hello all!

Get excited for tomorrow's play! Don't forget to come early (5:30) for some drills/skills from some of our vets if you are looking to improve your game.

We're looking into the field situation so stay tuned on where to show up tomorrow!

For those that haven't paid yet, bring your money or you may be asked to come back with your fees. If league fees are tough for your personally, come have a discreet discussion with a board member (myslef, Ashlee Davison, Beverley Porter, Matt Ferrier or James Chester).

For those that signed up and haven't come yet... come on out! Tuesday has been designed to bring up the level of skill of our whole league and you are missing out on a chance play some great ultimate and learn fundamental skills that will let you enjoy the game even more.

KUPS Disc Design Bonanza!

Hello all!

KUPS is extending its call for disc designs. Your art can be the next generation of Kelowna Ultimate Discs/Sunflicker discs flying through the air!

Some general guidelines that will ensure we can use your design:
... -Generally keep the line thickness to at least 1 mm.
-Avoid fine points.
-Serif fonts (rounded edges) are preferable to sans serif.
-Keep the colours down to 2 or 3 colours.
-Avoid large solid blocks of colour.

We'll be asking for submissions until the end of the month. The most popular design wins the contest and all the fame and glory that go with it. Get Designing!  You don't want this to be our disc do you?

Call for Interested KUPS Members

Putting a call out to KUPS members:
There are a couple of recent vacancies on the KUPS board that we are looking to fill. If you have any interest being involved in making this league even better, we would love to have you out at the next board meeting (tentative date of Monday, August 5th). If you are at all interested in helping out, please send an email to and you will be notified of the date, time, and location of the next meeting.

Mens Games

Hello Guys,

For the next weeks the games will be:

July 9th: Team 1 (Adam) vs Team 3 (Andy) on Parkinson 2

Team 2 (The Dave's) vs Team 4 (Pez) on Parkinson 3


July 16th: Team 1 (Adam) vs Team 4 (Pez) on Parkinson 2

Team 2 (The Dave's) vs Team 3 (Andy) on Parkinson 3


The league fee is $40 per person. Bring cash or cheque (KUPS)  tomorrow night.

Thursday night games!

Hi All,

Games start tomorrow for Thursday Night League. I apologize for the late notice. The rest of the season will be up over the weekend.

Bright and Huck vs. Flickin Fantastic at Ben Lee 1

MC Hammer vs.  Slippery Wehn Wet at Ben Lee 2

Weekday Warrior vs. Disc-ombobulators at Parkinson 1

Diskonnect vs Pretty Peach Pie at Parkinson 2

Ferocious Yellow Unicorns have a BYE this week

Please send me your results as you can not enter the scores yet. Have Fun!

Tuesday Women's League: Teams

In BLUE: Lindsay Sill (C), Madeline V, Stacey M, Ivy, Krystal S, Julie M, Mia B, Lisa N, Megan O, Holly B, Eugenia

In BLACK: Kyla Gowenlock (C), Jenelle L, Grace F, Kailee G, Danielle P, Debbie P, Karen C, Sana, Cheryl, Amanda D

In GREEN: Elaine VIckers (C), Claudia E, Rachel N, Sylvie F, Alex, Hilary K, Steph P, Courtney M, Blaine C

In RED: June L (C), Bri T, Erin T, Maja K, Lauren N, Jenica, Ann, Tiffany, Breezy, Hannah, Selma, Aubrey


Can you all please wear your team colour and also bring a white to every game?  


Thanks, all!


See you again on Tuesday!



Any ARTISTS out there?  We're holding a competition!  We'd like YOU to create a design for our new disc. It can be a KELOWNA ULTIMATE design, and/or a SUNFLICKER design.   The board is meeting on the 8th, and we'd love to have some submissions to go over by then.  Please submit your incredible work to 

Summer League

Summer Leagues begin tomorrow.

The Mens and Womens leagues will both be played at Parkinson. Games start at 6:00 and $40 is needed from each player before they can play.

Please bring white and dark jerseys.

Mens teams are:

Team 1

Adam G, Ethan C, Brian Dorman, Kyle Hosker, Justin Allaire, Kyle (new guy on the Kings), Phil S, Danny Srepel, Patrick N, Birpaul.

Team 2

Brady S, Dave N, Evan Y, Dave Stiles, Matthew Fricker, Lee J, Gravy, Justin N, John Smit, Nick W.

Team 3

Andy C, Matt L, Mark Garvie, Jody Hill, Dan Smith, Jason B, Floian W, Adam N, Michael Carl, Jaime M.

Team 4

Ryan Hayward, Malcolm H, Pez, Brian O, Christian B, Braff, Kirk M, Dave O, Jeremy B, James W.

With slim rosters a formet of 5 on 5 is open for discussion. We will have a quick 5 minute chat about league format before he games tomorrow.


summer league

To register for Tuesday as an individual email with your name and a skill level from 1-5. $40 per person.

For Thursday register a team by emailing $550 per team.

Deadline for Tuesday is Friday.
Deadline for Thursday is Monday.