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KUPS League News

The KUPS board is excited to annouce the league formats for 2014! 

This years Tuesday night league will be a bit different then years past. We are running 3 weeks of gender-split clinics followed by a 12 week hat league. The goal of this league is to promote more parity in the teams on Tuesday. We also hope to increase the number of players, provide high-quality clinics and promote fun, spirited and high-quality ultimate.

Register here - 

Thursday league format remains the same as years past (round-robin, followed by playoffs) and will start the first or second week of April (depending on field opening dates) and run until June 12th.   Team Registration - Registration - 


Spring League is just around the corner, so wipe the dust off your boots and call your friends!


Registration will be open soon.  League begins as  soon as the fields open (likely in the second week of April).


Get your teams organized early!


Spring League is just around the corner, so wipe the dust off your boots and call your friends!


Registration will be open soon.  League begins as  soon as the fields open (likely in the second week of April).


Get your teams organized early!

AGM and Winter League

Just a reminder to all that indoor is coming up! Saturday nights from 9:00 PM to 10:30 PM starting this January 4th. That's less than a week away!

KUPS will be strictly enforcing a no pay, no play policy. Indoor is already operated at a loss for us and recouping as much of our costs as possible ensures that Kelowna Ultimate remains financially viable. $60 for the season and $10 for a night. No IOUs accepted unless it is you giving an IOU to someone who ponied up the cash for you to play. Also don't forget to bring a white, a black and a colour to divvy up the teams.

Lastly, the first night of play is the last day to get in your nominations for the board positions. If you've got energy to give or a bone to pick, do something for Kelowna Ultimate and put your name forward!

AGM Notice!

Coming up this January 11th, 8:00 PM at Capital News Center, KUPS is holding its annual general meeting. Various topics will be discussed including voting on an amended constitution and the election of board positions.  If you are interested on running for a board position, you need to send an email to with your name and your contact information.
This meeting is a huge chance to present any ideas you have with regards to ultimate in Kelowna, whether it be at the meeting or while serving on the board.  We really want as many people as possible to show up and we will have food to convince those who are on the fence about coming.  If you need any more information, please feel free to send an email to and I will gladly provide you with any information you want!!

Winter Indoor League

Winter Indoor League starts January 3rd, 2014 and runs for 10 weeks. We will be playing Saturday nights from 9-10:30pm at Capitol News Centre. ( There will be two fields running one for rec and one for competitive. 

The cost will be $60 for the season or $10 for drop-in. 


--- The second night of Indoor - January 10th, 2014 is the night of the AGM (more info to come) ----

Fall League

Update* FIelds are at BEN LEE!

Fall league begins this Sunday! 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM at Ben Lee. Please bring a light, a dark and your fees. $20 for the season (approximately 8 weeks) or $5 for a session. Fees will be strictly enforced; sorry guys, but don't bother bringing your cleats without your cash.

The format will be hat style to try to give everyone the best opportunity to play whenever they are available.

There are also some teams still deliquent with their fees from summer. Those teams can expect to receive an e-mail soon and any players with deliquent fees will be considered members not-in-good standing and may be refused the opportunity to participate in KUPS' sanctioned activities. The fees secure our fields and activities and we need to make sure our leagues stay financially viable, so talk to your captains if you think your team hasn't paid.

Summer Leagues

The Summer Leagues are coming to a close in 2 weeks time.

The final night for Tuesday will be Sept 10th.

The final night for Thursday will be Sept 12th.


For Thursday this weeks games are posted. They are for the play-offs. There are two divisions so essentially the quarter-finals have been omitted.

Please report your scores from this weeks games.




KUPS is very proud and excited to present the world-premier (so far as we know) Geach tournament the weekend of September 14th and 15th, 2013.  This is a fun tournament with a format designed to accomplish teams and players of all skill-levels with an focus on the spirit of the game, socializing and catching the disc for a point!

Geach is an crowd-pleasing, new variation of Ultimate designed, tested and refined by KUPS' own members and has quickly become a favorite way to enjoy our wonderful Okanagan weather and beaches.  Geach is essentially goaltimate played on the beach with the end zone in the water and rules tweaked to emphasize lay-out focused offence.  Points will almost exclusively be earned by layout catches.

We plan to make this an annual event, but need your help to make this initial event a success.  Players can sign up individually for $20 or as a team (8 players recommended) for $150.  Registration includes snacks and a BBQ and at least 5 games of Geach.  You will not find better value in an Ultimate tournament!  You can sign up by e-mailing on or before 5:00 PM September 11, 2013. We'll need at least 6 teams or 6 teams worth of players signed up by that time to green-light it.  Players are asked to find their own accommodation.

Stay tuned to KUPS' website ( or e-mail for more info.

Picture it: the sun, the sand, the layouts.  Downtown Kelowna inches away, water still warm and lots of great social spots within walking distance.  Once you've played it, we guarantee you'll be hooked and look for every chance to play.  You know this is where you want to be!  Sign up early, get hyped and get ready to Geach.  

Documented evidence of Geach's awesomeness should be posted to the KUPS website soon.

Simplified rules below:

1. The hoop will be set up approximately a meter into the water so that the plane of the goal is actually in the water.  This leaves the space behind the hoop shallow enough to move through, but deep enough to safely layout in.

2. Goals are defined as one of two things:
a) Any disc thrown through the front of the hoop and caught in the water while laying out (there is no endzone area) - players do not need to layout through the hoop unless they are attempting a pull-though (see below); and
2) Any disc thrown through the hoop and caught within one meter from the plane of the goal by a player still on their feet (nerf point).

3. Discs that touch the water before they are caught are considered down as though they touched the ground.  Turnovers are played from where they happen.

4. Pull throughs (standing on one side of the hoop and catching on the other) are not allowed however, push throughs are. A push through is defined as a mid air layout catch made prior to part or all of the disc crossing the plane of the goal in which the layout is so powerful and airworthy (and praiseworthy) that the receivers entire body crosses the plane of the goal in the air before landing. IE a layout catch made through the hoop is considered a goal.

5. There is no puppy guarding. IE you cannot be in the water or wet part of the sand in front of the hoop unless actively guarding someone and you cannot hang out in the water immediately behind the hoop unless guarding someone. This rule is designed to encourage layout catches and discourage the risk of someone being hurt by a layout catch.

6. The sidelines for the majority of the playing field are extremely wide, however, the sidelines of the reset area are more narrow.  Players waiting to sub must wait to either side of the reset area and can only sub in when they 'tap in' from an active teammate.  

7. There is no set back line to the reset area, however terrain and practicality will generally make passes more than 10 meters past the reset line ineffective.

8. Games are played 4 on 4 continuous with subs on the fly.  There must be at least one female player per team at all times.  If a team cannot field a female player, they must play with no more than 3 male players on at a time.

9. Excepting the above, normal Goalti rules apply.

To date, we haven't had any problem with the above rules.  If you foresee any issues, please let me know and we can try to address them.

-Jeremy Burgess, KUPS Board Member

Canadian Ultimate Championships!

Kelowna Ultimate would like to wish all of our members who are playing in the Canadian Ultimate Championships this weekend to have a greatly competitive and spirited weekend of Ultimate!

There are players from our league participating in most the divisions this year including the second year that an Okanagan Junior team has participated in the Junior Open division. Congratulations to the Okanagan Gentleman's Club.

To follow all the action visit