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Field change for tonight's game

Just a reminder that Discombobulated play Huck Buddies at AS Matheson elementary instead of Kettle Valley.

Field Change - Weekday Warriors vs Huck Buddies

The game between Weekday Warriors and Huck Buddies is scheduled at Kettle Valley, but has been changed to AS Matheson elementary school on Gordon and Springfield.

Field Change for Scheduled Maintenance

MC Hammer vs Disco Inferno - your game is at AS Matheson elementary school this week and not at Kettle Valley.

Field Maintenance Changes

Kettle Valley is closed for field maintenance for the games on July 17, 24, 31. Those games will be played at AS Matheson elementary school instead. 


Summer League/Schedule

The Thursday Summer league begins July 3rd. The schedule has been posted but due to some errors two games will not post. 

Here are the two games:

Disctopian Future vs Huckin Bright - Kettle Valley 6pm (410 Providence Ave)

Disco Inferno vs Slippery When Wet - Ben Lee 2 (900 Houghton Rd) 


THursday Rec League Playoff Finals

 The top teams will battle it out on Thursday, June 12th for the championship title. Come down to Parkinson to watch the outcome ; games start at 6pm.

Thursday Rec League Playoff Schedule

The playoffs kick off this Thursday, June 5th and will wrap up with the finals on June 12th. The schedule is now posted. 

Tuesday and Thursday fields

Parkinson is back in use. Tuesday hat league is back at Parkinson starting tonight, May 20th at 6pm and Thursday rec league will resume the posted schedule on this website.

Thurs Rec Shedule - May 8th


Here is the schedule for this week's gamesMay 8th:Chocolate Recliner vs Lannisters - Ben Lee1;Discombobulated vs Slippery When Wet - Ben Lee2;Disco Inferno vs Timmy's Team - Kettle Valley1;Jaguar Sharks - Weekday Warriors - Kettle Valley2;Charles Bloom vs OKM - Rutland4;Pretty Peach Pie vs KSS - AS Matheson;Flickin' Fantastic vs MC Hammer - Rutland4; Rutland4 - south east corner of Rutland soccer fields. see link

Tuesday Hat-League Begins

Our Tuesday night hat-league gets underway tomorrow night 6pm at AS Matheson elementary - corner of Gordon and Springfield. Please take a moment to register ahead of time at the link below. The cost is $60 ($40 for those who paid for the clinics) and bring a white and a dark shirt. We're looking forward to seeing everyone out there.

Only the first two games will be at AS Matheson, and then the field maintenance will be completed and we can head back to Parkinson