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Fall League

Fall League 2014 - Announcement

Fall league format this year will be a team based format with single-signups available!

September 7th - October 16th from 2-4pm

TEAMS - Register here -

SINGLES - Please signup here -

Start Date: September 7th, 2014
Duration: Octboer 16th, 2014
Time: 2pm - 4pm

Round robin followed by Playoffs

$400 / team

- Cash & Cheque
- Interact Email transfer -

Fall League

Update* FIelds are at BEN LEE!

Fall league begins this Sunday! 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM at Ben Lee. Please bring a light, a dark and your fees. $20 for the season (approximately 8 weeks) or $5 for a session. Fees will be strictly enforced; sorry guys, but don't bother bringing your cleats without your cash.

The format will be hat style to try to give everyone the best opportunity to play whenever they are available.

There are also some teams still deliquent with their fees from summer. Those teams can expect to receive an e-mail soon and any players with deliquent fees will be considered members not-in-good standing and may be refused the opportunity to participate in KUPS' sanctioned activities. The fees secure our fields and activities and we need to make sure our leagues stay financially viable, so talk to your captains if you think your team hasn't paid.

Frisbee Schedule for Thanksgiving Weekend

Hi Folks,

This weekend's schedule for Ultimate:

Saturday at 10:00 at Parkinson's - Throwing clinic and Goalty

Sunday at 11:00 at Parkinson's - Pick-Up.


Don't forget to sign-up for a volunteer shift at University Nationals or the Hallowe'en Party!

Game Time!

Fall League:

All games will be at Parkinson starting at 2:00.

The gender ratio will be 5-2. 4-3 or offense calls can be agreed to by BOTH captains.

Whites and darks this week, team colours can be decided.

*Bring $20 to pay before playing*

Fall League Teams and Schedule

HI Folks

The teams have been posted. If I missd you please let me know asap or come to the field on Sunday and I will find you a team.

The first week's games wil be 1 vs 3 on Parkinson 1

and 2 vs 4 on Parkinson 2


Fall League Team 4

Mike Bowie
Dave S
June L
Ryan H
Taylor H
Kyle H
Marisa H
Peter S
Jim I
Sean Cooper
Erin T


Team 3

James C
Kate B
Lee J
Jarrett S
Dan R
Brian D
Cara B
Roger G
Joe M
Claudia E
Jeremy B

Fall League Team 2

Adam G
Troi C
Justin A
Corey W
Ben A
Kelsey R
Mike Byzyna
Jamie M
Kalon P
Paige N
Karla W

Fall League Team 1

Bruce P
Cheryl P
Rob C
Logan P
Anthony S
Christian B
Jenica F
Lindsay S
Donald Y
James W
Jasper S
Candice J

Fall League

Today is the last day of Summer League. It has been another great season with lots of old and new faces out on the fields. For those of us who can not get enough Ultimate KUPS will be running a Hat Fall League this fall.

Format: Teams will be created before the start of the season and these teams will remain throughout the season.

Dates: Games will be on Sundays from 2:00 - 4:00. First game will be Sunday September 23rd. Games will be scheduled until the October 28th. On Thanksgiving games there will be not games scheduled, but a pick-up game.

Location: Games will be at Parkinson and Ben Lee.

Registration: To register send an email to with you name and a self-assessment from 1 to 5. See scale below. Cost is $20 per player. Payment is required before play. Requests for 1 team mate will be considered.

Teams will be created by selected team from registered players on Thursday Sept 20th. Teams rosters will be posted on Friday Sept 21st.

Self-Assessment Scale:
1 - I am new to Ultimate or this is my first season. I can throw a back hand, but my fore hand is a work in progress.

2 - I have played one 1 or 2 seasons of Ultimate. I use fore hand and back hands in a game, but prefer to dump. I understand the force on defense.

3 - I have played several seasons of Ultimate. I am comfortable using forehands and backhands in games. I know how to play zone defense. I have played in a couple tournaments.

4 - I play Ultimate several times a week, and have played for many years. I know a couple of offensive plays, and defense zones. I have captained a team in league. I have played in many tournaments.

5 - I have played for many years, and played in over 10 tournaments. I have captained teams, and spent time practicing to learn to be a better players. I can throw any type of throw in the game.