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Ultimate in Kelowna

Ultimate in Kelowna is governed by the Kelowna Ultimate Players Society (KUPS). KUPS was created to promote, organize and support top quality, spirited Ultimate and to assist the development of the sport of Ultimate and Ultimate players in the Kelowna area.

Ultimate (aka Ultimate Frisbee) is a fun filled, action packed game, non-contact team sport. Ultimate combines the throwing and catching skills of football with the non-stop, open field movement of soccer, and the stop/start offensive/defensive play of basketball. It is played by hundreds of thousands of people in more than 50 countries worldwide.

New to Kelowna: If you've played ultimate before and are looking for a team/pick-up post a message in the forum.

New to Ultimate: If you're new to Ultimate the best thing to do is read the basics of ultimate and join a fun team (typically on Thursdays).

Learning and Developing Ultimate Skills: The best way to learn and develop your ultimate skills is by: a) Attending a skills clinic b) Joining a pickup game c) Reading through the "basics of ultimate" section.