Welcome to KUPS - the Kelowna Ultimate Players Society. KUPS was created to promote, organize and support top quality, spirited Ultimate and to assist the development of the sport of Ultimate and Ultimate players in the Kelowna area.

New to Kelowna: If you've played ultimate before and are looking for a team/pick-up register as a free agent or message a team looking for players.

New to Ultimate: If you're new to ultimate the best thing to do is read the basics of ultimate and join a fun team. Local teams are always looking for new players.

Registration now open for 2015 Summer League

July 2015

league waitlisting

Thursday Summer League 2015

Kelowna, BC
15-07-09 - 15-09-17

September 2015

Kelowna, BC
15-09-20 - 15-10-25